How To Go About USA Visa Application

How To Go About USA Visa Application worth ($150,000 – $700,395)

An immigrant visa is required for all those who wish to live in the USA for some reason, whether it is for business or pleasure. There are several ways in which an immigrant visa can be procured. However, there are strict regulations regarding the type of Visa being offered to a person. People who apply for an immigrant visa will first need to fill up visa application forms. These forms are available at the port of entry and the consular division.


Those who are eligible for the immigrant visa must ensure that they submit their application forms before reaching the port of entry. This is done to make sure that there is nothing in the application that will get rejected on appeal. When submitting the visa application form, it is necessary for the applicant to fill in all the relevant information. This includes name, contact number, employer, contact address, telephone number, and email address.

There are various rules and regulations regarding the type of Visa being offered to a person. The type of visa required will depend on the purpose of the trip. For instance, those applying for a tourist visa need to ensure that they submit a visa application form for a specific destination. There are several US consular departments that handle visa applications from respective countries.

The US Embassy in India handles visa applications coming from Delhi. There are many procedures involved in the visa application process. Firstly, the applicant needs to submit an application form, and then later on the same form is submitted for processing. For the photo requirements, a photograph is not required. However, for the interview and verification, photographs are required. In case the applicant is unable to present valid proof of having acquired the above-mentioned photograph, the USD 10,000 photo requirements will have to be fulfilled.

For the purposes of proving one’s identity, one will require a copy of his/her photo along with two of the most recent photo. Apart from this, if the applicant is a US citizen, a copy of his birth certificate along with a copy of his US passport will also be required. Hence, it is very important to remember all these formalities properly. If you are a non-citizen of the United States and are applying for a Visa in India, the authorities in India will require you to produce an application form that contains your information and personal details. You will have to submit this document along with your money at the time of submitting your visa application.

For further details on USA Visa Application, you can directly visit the website of the embassy or the consular office. However, you should remember that applying for visas in India is a very tedious and time-consuming consuming process. The visa processing takes place at a faster pace only if you are approaching the concerned branch of the US consulate. Hence, it is very important to apply online. If you have applied successfully, you should get a confirmation email within 24 hours from the concerned authorities.

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